Multi-Layer Perceptrons with B-Spline Receptive Field Functions

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 3 (NIPS 1990)

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Stephen Lane, Marshall Flax, David Handelman, Jack Gelfand


Multi-layer perceptrons are often slow to learn nonlinear functions with complex local structure due to the global nature of their function approximations. It is shown that standard multi-layer perceptrons are actually a special case of a more general network formulation that incorporates B-splines into the node computations. This allows novel spline network architectures to be developed that can combine the generalization capabilities and scaling properties of global multi-layer feedforward networks with the computational efficiency and learning speed of local computational paradigms. Simulation results are presented for the well known spiral problem of Weiland and of Lang and Witbrock to show the effectiveness of the Spline Net approach.