Multi-resolution Spectral Coherence for Graph Generation with Score-based Diffusion

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Main Conference Track

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Hyuna Cho, Minjae Jeong, Sooyeon Jeon, Sungsoo Ahn, Won Hwa Kim


Successful graph generation depends on the accurate estimation of the joint distribution of graph components such as nodes and edges from training data. While recent deep neural networks have demonstrated sampling of realistic graphs together with diffusion models, however, they still suffer from oversmoothing problems which are inherited from conventional graph convolution and thus high-frequency characteristics of nodes and edges become intractable. To overcome such issues and generate graphs with high fidelity, this paper introduces a novel approach that captures the dependency between nodes and edges at multiple resolutions in the spectral space. By modeling the joint distribution of node and edge signals in a shared graph wavelet space, together with a score-based diffusion model, we propose a Wavelet Graph Diffusion Model (Wave-GD) which lets us sample synthetic graphs with real-like frequency characteristics of nodes and edges. Experimental results on four representative benchmark datasets validate the superiority of the Wave-GD over existing approaches, highlighting its potential for a wide range of applications that involve graph data.