MM-Fi: Multi-Modal Non-Intrusive 4D Human Dataset for Versatile Wireless Sensing

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Datasets and Benchmarks Track

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Jianfei Yang, He Huang, Yunjiao Zhou, Xinyan Chen, Yuecong Xu, Shenghai Yuan, Han Zou, Chris Xiaoxuan Lu, Lihua Xie


4D human perception plays an essential role in a myriad of applications, such as home automation and metaverse avatar simulation. However, existing solutions which mainly rely on cameras and wearable devices are either privacy intrusive or inconvenient to use. To address these issues, wireless sensing has emerged as a promising alternative, leveraging LiDAR, mmWave radar, and WiFi signals for device-free human sensing. In this paper, we propose MM-Fi, the first multi-modal non-intrusive 4D human dataset with 27 daily or rehabilitation action categories, to bridge the gap between wireless sensing and high-level human perception tasks. MM-Fi consists of over 320k synchronized frames of five modalities from 40 human subjects. Various annotations are provided to support potential sensing tasks, e.g., human pose estimation and action recognition. Extensive experiments have been conducted to compare the sensing capacity of each or several modalities in terms of multiple tasks. We envision that MM-Fi can contribute to wireless sensing research with respect to action recognition, human pose estimation, multi-modal learning, cross-modal supervision, and interdisciplinary healthcare research.