A Rigorous Analysis of Linsker-type Hebbian Learning

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 7 (NIPS 1994)

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J. Feng, H. Pan, V. P. Roychowdhury


We propose a novel rigorous approach for the analysis of Linsker's unsupervised Hebbian learning network. The behavior of this model is determined by the underlying nonlinear dynamics which are parameterized by a set of parameters originating from the Heb(cid:173) bian rule and the arbor density of the synapses. These parameters determine the presence or absence of a specific receptive field (also referred to as a 'connection pattern') as a saturated fixed point attractor of the model. In this paper, we perform a qualitative analysis of the underlying nonlinear dynamics over the parameter space, determine the effects of the system parameters on the emer(cid:173) gence of various receptive fields, and predict precisely within which parameter regime the network will have the potential to develop a specially designated connection pattern. In particular, this ap(cid:173) proach exposes, for the first time, the crucial role played by the synaptic density functions, and provides a complete precise picture of the parameter space that defines the relationships among the different receptive fields. Our theoretical predictions are confirmed by numerical simulations.


lian/eng Feng, H. Pan, V. P. Roychowdhury