NeurIPS 2020

Firefly Neural Architecture Descent: a General Approach for Growing Neural Networks

Meta Review

Looking over the reviews, rebuttal and discussion afterwards, I think this paper is of interest to the community. However there are several ambiguities and issues in the presentation of the work that had been noted by the reviewers (e.g. R3) which does hamper how well the work can be understood. So I *urge* the authors to make sure all the points raised by the reviewers are considered (as mentioned in the rebuttal) and incorporated in the main text and make sure the text is clear and easy to parse. I do believe the rebuttal addresses most of the issues brought up, in particular I think the replies given to the issues raised by R1 are valid, including additional experiments that were required by the reviewer. So I think overall the positive outweighs the negatives. But do incorporate the rebuttal in the paper, please do take care of everything that was raised in the reviews. They will only make the paper stronger, and make sure it will have the impact it deserves.