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Paper ID:1122
Title:Mapping State Space using Landmarks for Universal Goal Reaching

Reviewers liked the approach of combining local navigation using a UVFA trained by HER with global planning based on shortest paths in a graph constructed from a buffer of landmarks. At the same time, reviewers had some concerns regarding clarity of presentation, the similarity of the proposed approach to existing work (namely “Semi-parametric topological memory for navigation” by Savinov et al.), as well as how specific the proposed algorithm is to navigation problems. The rebuttal provided additional experiments on several new domains and included additional discussion of related work, leading one reviewer to raise the score. In the end the ACs found this work to be sufficiently new and promising to warrant acceptance, but we ask the authors to 1) address the concerns regarding related work including Savinov et al. and 2) include a clearer statement of the full approach (an algorithm block would be great) in the camera ready version.