On the Complexity of Learning the Kernel Matrix

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 15 (NIPS 2002)

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Olivier Bousquet, Daniel Herrmann


We investigate data based procedures for selecting the kernel when learn- ing with Support Vector Machines. We provide generalization error bounds by estimating the Rademacher complexities of the corresponding function classes. In particular we obtain a complexity bound for function classes induced by kernels with given eigenvectors, i.e., we allow to vary the spectrum and keep the eigenvectors fix. This bound is only a loga- rithmic factor bigger than the complexity of the function class induced by a single kernel. However, optimizing the margin over such classes leads to overfitting. We thus propose a suitable way of constraining the class. We use an efficient algorithm to solve the resulting optimization problem, present preliminary experimental results, and compare them to an alignment-based approach.