An Oculo-Motor System with Multi-Chip Neuromorphic Analog VLSI Control

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 12 (NIPS 1999)

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Oliver Landolt, Steve Gyger


A system emulating the functionality of a moving eye-hence the name oculo-motor system-has been built and successfully tested. It is made of an optical device for shifting the field of view of an image sensor by up to 45 ° in any direction, four neuromorphic analog VLSI circuits imple(cid:173) menting an oculo-motor control loop, and some off-the-shelf electronics. The custom integrated circuits communicate with each other primarily by non-arbitrated address-event buses. The system implements the behav(cid:173) iors of saliency-based saccadic exploration, and smooth pursuit of light spots. The duration of saccades ranges from 45 ms to 100 ms, which is comparable to human eye performance. Smooth pursuit operates on light sources moving at up to 50 0 /s in the visual field.