Implementing Intelligence on Silicon Using Neuron-Like Functional MOS Transistors

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 6 (NIPS 1993)

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Tadashi Shibata, Koji Kotani, Takeo Yamashita, Hiroshi Ishii, Hideo Kosaka, Tadahiro Ohmi


We will present the implementation of intelligent electronic circuits realized for the first time using a new functional device called Neuron MOS Transistor (neuMOS or vMOS in short) simulating the behavior of biological neurons at a single transistor level. Search for the most resembling data in the memory cell array, for instance, can be automatically software manipulation. Soft Hardware, which we named, can arbitrarily change its logic function in real time by external control signals without any hardware modification. Implementation of a neural network equipped with an on-chip self-learning capability is also described. Through the studies of vMOS intelligent circuit implementation, we noticed an interesting similarity in the architectures of vMOS logic circuitry and biological systems.

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