Information Theoretic Analysis of Connection Structure from Spike Trains

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 5 (NIPS 1992)

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Satoru Shiono, Satoshi Yamada, Michio Nakashima, Kenji Matsumoto


We have attempted to use information theoretic quantities for ana(cid:173) lyzing neuronal connection structure from spike trains. Two point mu tual information and its maximum value, channel capacity, be(cid:173) tween a pair of neurons were found to be useful for sensitive de(cid:173) tection of crosscorrelation and for estimation of synaptic strength, respectively. Three point mutual information among three neurons could give their interconnection structure. Therefore, our informa(cid:173) tion theoretic analysis was shown to be a very powerful technique for deducing neuronal connection structure. Some concrete exam(cid:173) ples of its application to simulated spike trains are presented.