Interaction Among Ocularity, Retinotopy and On-center/Off-center Pathways During Development

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 3 (NIPS 1990)

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Shigeru Tanaka


The development of projections from the retinas to the cortex is mathematically analyzed according to the previously proposed thermodynamic formulation of the self-organization of neural networks. Three types of submodality included in the visual afferent pathways are assumed in two models: model (A), in which the ocularity and retinotopy are considered separately, and model (B), in which on-center/off-center pathways are considered in addition to ocularity and retinotopy. Model (A) shows striped ocular dominance spatial patterns and, in ocular dominance histograms, reveals a dip in the binocular bin. Model (B) displays spatially modulated irregular patterns and shows single-peak behavior in the histograms. When we compare the simulated results with the observed results, it is evident that the ocular dominance spatial patterns and histograms for models (A) and (B) agree very closely with those seen in monkeys and cats.