Programmable Synaptic Chip for Electronic Neural Networks

Part of Neural Information Processing Systems 0 (NIPS 1987)

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Alexander Moopenn, H. Langenbacher, A. Thakoor, S. Khanna


A binary synaptic matrix chip has been developed for electronic neural networks. The matrix chip contains a programmable 32X32 array of "long channel" NMOSFET binary connection elements imple(cid:173) mented in a 3-um bulk CMOS process. Since the neurons are kept off(cid:173) chip, the synaptic chip serves as a "cascadable" building block for a multi-chip synaptic network as large as 512X512 in size. As an alternative the programmable NMOSFET (long channel) connection elements, tailored thin film resistors are deposited, in series with FET switches, on some CMOS test chips, to obtain the weak synaptic connections. Although deposition and patterning of the resistors require additional they promise substantial savings in silcon area. The performance of a synaptic chip in a 32- neuron breadboard system in an associative memory test application is discussed.

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