NIPS Proceedingsβ

Yann LeCun

18 Papers

  • GLoMo: Unsupervised Learning of Transferable Relational Graphs (2018)
  • Disentangling factors of variation in deep representation using adversarial training (2016)
  • Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification (2015)
  • Deep learning with Elastic Averaging SGD (2015)
  • Learning to Linearize Under Uncertainty (2015)
  • Exploiting Linear Structure Within Convolutional Networks for Efficient Evaluation (2014)
  • Joint Training of a Convolutional Network and a Graphical Model for Human Pose Estimation (2014)
  • Boxlets: A Fast Convolution Algorithm for Signal Processing and Neural Networks (1998)
  • Globally Trained Handwritten Word Recognizer using Spatial Representation, Convolutional Neural Networks, and Hidden Markov Models (1993)
  • Signature Verification using a "Siamese" Time Delay Neural Network (1993)
  • Automatic Learning Rate Maximization by On-Line Estimation of the Hessian's Eigenvectors (1992)
  • Efficient Pattern Recognition Using a New Transformation Distance (1992)
  • Multi-Digit Recognition Using a Space Displacement Neural Network (1991)
  • Tangent Prop - A formalism for specifying selected invariances in an adaptive network (1991)
  • Second Order Properties of Error Surfaces: Learning Time and Generalization (1990)
  • Transforming Neural-Net Output Levels to Probability Distributions (1990)
  • Handwritten Digit Recognition with a Back-Propagation Network (1989)
  • Optimal Brain Damage (1989)