NIPS Proceedingsβ

William Bialek

19 Papers

  • Ambiguous Model Learning Made Unambiguous with 1/f Priors (2003)
  • Geometric Clustering Using the Information Bottleneck Method (2003)
  • Optimal Manifold Representation of Data: An Information Theoretic Approach (2003)
  • An Information Theoretic Approach to the Functional Classification of Neurons (2002)
  • Maximally Informative Dimensions: Analyzing Neural Responses to Natural Signals (2002)
  • Entropy and Inference, Revisited (2001)
  • Spike timing and the coding of naturalistic sounds in a central auditory area of songbirds (2001)
  • Learning Continuous Distributions: Simulations With Field Theoretic Priors (2000)
  • Multiple Timescales of Adaptation in a Neural Code (2000)
  • Stability and Noise in Biochemical Switches (2000)
  • Universality and Individuality in a Neural Code (2000)
  • What Can a Single Neuron Compute? (2000)
  • Statistics of Natural Images: Scaling in the Woods (1993)
  • Statistical Reliability of a Blowfly Movement-Sensitive Neuron (1991)
  • Analog Computation at a Critical Point: A Novel Function for Neuronal Oscillations? (1990)
  • Optimal Filtering in the Salamander Retina (1990)
  • Optimal Sampling of Natural Images: A Design Principle for the Visual System (1990)
  • Non-Boltzmann Dynamics in Networks of Spiking Neurons (1989)
  • Reading a Neural Code (1989)