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Volker Tresp

23 Papers

  • Reducing the Rank in Relational Factorization Models by Including Observable Patterns (2014)
  • Stochastic Relational Models for Discriminative Link Prediction (2006)
  • Soft Clustering on Graphs (2005)
  • Learning Gaussian Process Kernels via Hierarchical Bayes (2004)
  • GPPS: A Gaussian Process Positioning System for Cellular Networks (2003)
  • The RA Scanner: Prediction of Rheumatoid Joint Inflammation Based on Laser Imaging (2002)
  • Transductive and Inductive Methods for Approximate Gaussian Process Regression (2002)
  • Mixtures of Gaussian Processes (2000)
  • Robust Neural Network Regression for Offline and Online Learning (1999)
  • Call-Based Fraud Detection in Mobile Communication Networks Using a Hierarchical Regime-Switching Model (1998)
  • Fisher Scoring and a Mixture of Modes Approach for Approximate Inference and Learning in Nonlinear State Space Models (1998)
  • A Solution for Missing Data in Recurrent Neural Networks with an Application to Blood Glucose Prediction (1997)
  • Nonlinear Markov Networks for Continuous Variables (1997)
  • Early Brain Damage (1996)
  • Discovering Structure in Continuous Variables Using Bayesian Networks (1995)
  • Improved Gaussian Mixture Density Estimates Using Bayesian Penalty Terms and Network Averaging (1995)
  • Combining Estimators Using Non-Constant Weighting Functions (1994)
  • Efficient Methods for Dealing with Missing Data in Supervised Learning (1994)
  • Training Neural Networks with Deficient Data (1993)
  • Network Structuring and Training Using Rule-based Knowledge (1992)
  • Some Solutions to the Missing Feature Problem in Vision (1992)
  • Neural Control for Rolling Mills: Incorporating Domain Theories to Overcome Data Deficiency (1991)
  • A Neural Network Approach for Three-Dimensional Object Recognition (1990)
  • 1 Book

  • Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 13 (2000)