NIPS Proceedingsβ

Sundeep Rangan

9 Papers

  • Input-Output Equivalence of Unitary and Contractive RNNs (2019)
  • Plug-in Estimation in High-Dimensional Linear Inverse Problems: A Rigorous Analysis (2018)
  • Rigorous Dynamics and Consistent Estimation in Arbitrarily Conditioned Linear Systems (2017)
  • Scalable Inference for Neuronal Connectivity from Calcium Imaging (2014)
  • Approximate Message Passing with Consistent Parameter Estimation and Applications to Sparse Learning (2012)
  • Neural Reconstruction with Approximate Message Passing (NeuRAMP) (2011)
  • Asymptotic Analysis of MAP Estimation via the Replica Method and Compressed Sensing (2009)
  • Orthogonal Matching Pursuit From Noisy Random Measurements: A New Analysis (2009)
  • Resolution Limits of Sparse Coding in High Dimensions (2008)