NIPS Proceedingsβ

Si Wu

9 Papers

  • “Congruent” and “Opposite” Neurons: Sisters for Multisensory Integration and Segregation (2016)
  • A Synaptical Story of Persistent Activity with Graded Lifetime in a Neural System (2014)
  • Spike Frequency Adaptation Implements Anticipative Tracking in Continuous Attractor Neural Networks (2014)
  • Reciprocally Coupled Local Estimators Implement Bayesian Information Integration Distributively (2013)
  • Delay Compensation with Dynamical Synapses (2012)
  • Attractor Dynamics with Synaptic Depression (2010)
  • Tracking Changing Stimuli in Continuous Attractor Neural Networks (2008)
  • Neural Implementation of Bayesian Inference in Population Codes (2001)
  • Population Decoding Based on an Unfaithful Model (1999)