NIPS Proceedingsβ

Shumeet Baluja

9 Papers

  • Hiding Images in Plain Sight: Deep Steganography (2017)
  • Making Templates Rotationally Invariant. An Application to Rotated Digit Recognition (1998)
  • Probabilistic Modeling for Face Orientation Discrimination: Learning from Labeled and Unlabeled Data (1998)
  • Using Expectation to Guide Processing: A Study of Three Real-World Applications (1997)
  • Genetic Algorithms and Explicit Search Statistics (1996)
  • Human Face Detection in Visual Scenes (1995)
  • Using the Future to "Sort Out" the Present: Rankprop and Multitask Learning for Medical Risk Evaluation (1995)
  • Using a Saliency Map for Active Spatial Selective Attention: Implementation & Initial Results (1994)
  • Non-Intrusive Gaze Tracking Using Artificial Neural Networks (1993)