NIPS Proceedingsβ

Scott Linderman

8 Papers

  • BehaveNet: nonlinear embedding and Bayesian neural decoding of behavioral videos (2019)
  • Mutually Regressive Point Processes (2019)
  • Poisson-Randomized Gamma Dynamical Systems (2019)
  • Scalable Bayesian inference of dendritic voltage via spatiotemporal recurrent state space models (2019)
  • Point process latent variable models of larval zebrafish behavior (2018)
  • Bayesian latent structure discovery from multi-neuron recordings (2016)
  • Dependent Multinomial Models Made Easy: Stick-Breaking with the Polya-gamma Augmentation (2015)
  • A framework for studying synaptic plasticity with neural spike train data (2014)