NIPS Proceedingsβ

Ryan J. Tibshirani

7 Papers

  • Conformal Prediction Under Covariate Shift (2019)
  • Kalman Filter, Sensor Fusion, and Constrained Regression: Equivalences and Insights (2019)
  • A Sharp Error Analysis for the Fused Lasso, with Application to Approximate Changepoint Screening (2017)
  • Dykstra's Algorithm, ADMM, and Coordinate Descent: Connections, Insights, and Extensions (2017)
  • Higher-Order Total Variation Classes on Grids: Minimax Theory and Trend Filtering Methods (2017)
  • The Multiple Quantile Graphical Model (2016)
  • Total Variation Classes Beyond 1d: Minimax Rates, and the Limitations of Linear Smoothers (2016)