NIPS Proceedingsβ

Rong Ge

7 Papers

  • Explaining Landscape Connectivity of Low-cost Solutions for Multilayer Nets (2019)
  • The Step Decay Schedule: A Near Optimal, Geometrically Decaying Learning Rate Procedure For Least Squares (2019)
  • Beyond Log-concavity: Provable Guarantees for Sampling Multi-modal Distributions using Simulated Tempering Langevin Monte Carlo (2018)
  • On the Local Minima of the Empirical Risk (2018)
  • On the Optimization Landscape of Tensor Decompositions (2017)
  • Matrix Completion has No Spurious Local Minimum (2016)
  • Provable ICA with Unknown Gaussian Noise, with Implications for Gaussian Mixtures and Autoencoders (2012)