NIPS Proceedingsβ

Rodney J. Douglas

8 Papers

  • Contraction Properties of VLSI Cooperative Competitive Neural Networks of Spiking Neurons (2007)
  • Attentional Processing on a Spike-Based VLSI Neural Network (2006)
  • Context dependent amplification of both rate and event-correlation in a VLSI network of spiking neurons (2006)
  • Orientation-Selective aVLSI Spiking Neurons (2001)
  • Four-legged Walking Gait Control Using a Neuromorphic Chip Interfaced to a Support Vector Learning Algorithm (2000)
  • Computation of Smooth Optical Flow in a Feedback Connected Analog Network (1998)
  • Amplifying and Linearizing Apical Synaptic Inputs to Cortical Pyramidal Cells (1993)
  • Network activity determines spatio-temporal integration in single cells (1991)