NIPS Proceedingsβ

Robert A. Legenstein

8 Papers

  • Functional network reorganization in motor cortex can be explained by reward-modulated Hebbian learning (2009)
  • On Computational Power and the Order-Chaos Phase Transition in Reservoir Computing (2008)
  • Theoretical Analysis of Learning with Reward-Modulated Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity (2007)
  • Information Bottleneck Optimization and Independent Component Extraction with Spiking Neurons (2006)
  • A Criterion for the Convergence of Learning with Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity (2005)
  • At the Edge of Chaos: Real-time Computations and Self-Organized Criticality in Recurrent Neural Networks (2004)
  • Methods for Estimating the Computational Power and Generalization Capability of Neural Microcircuits (2004)
  • Foundations for a Circuit Complexity Theory of Sensory Processing (2000)