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Rajesh PN Rao

11 Papers

  • A Bayesian Theory of Conformity in Collective Decision Making (2019)
  • A Probabilistic Model of Social Decision Making based on Reward Maximization (2016)
  • A Bayesian Framework for Modeling Confidence in Perceptual Decision Making (2015)
  • Neurons as Monte Carlo Samplers: Bayesian Inference and Learning in Spiking Networks (2014)
  • How Prior Probability Influences Decision Making: A Unifying Probabilistic Model (2012)
  • A rational decision making framework for inhibitory control (2010)
  • Learning Nonparametric Models for Probabilistic Imitation (2006)
  • Goal-Based Imitation as Probabilistic Inference over Graphical Models (2005)
  • Learning Shared Latent Structure for Image Synthesis and Robotic Imitation (2005)
  • Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Brain-Computer Interfaces (2004)
  • Hierarchical Bayesian Inference in Networks of Spiking Neurons (2004)