NIPS Proceedingsβ

Ping Li

20 Papers

  • Partial Hard Thresholding: Towards A Principled Analysis of Support Recovery (2017)
  • Simple strategies for recovering inner products from coarsely quantized random projections (2017)
  • Exact Recovery of Hard Thresholding Pursuit (2016)
  • Learning Additive Exponential Family Graphical Models via $\ell_{2,1}$-norm Regularized M-Estimation (2016)
  • Quantized Random Projections and Non-Linear Estimation of Cosine Similarity (2016)
  • b-bit Marginal Regression (2015)
  • Regularization-Free Estimation in Trace Regression with Symmetric Positive Semidefinite Matrices (2015)
  • Asymmetric LSH (ALSH) for Sublinear Time Maximum Inner Product Search (MIPS) (2014)
  • Online Optimization for Max-Norm Regularization (2014)
  • Recovery of Coherent Data via Low-Rank Dictionary Pursuit (2014)
  • Beyond Pairwise: Provably Fast Algorithms for Approximate $k$-Way Similarity Search (2013)
  • Sign Cauchy Projections and Chi-Square Kernel (2013)
  • Entropy Estimations Using Correlated Symmetric Stable Random Projections (2012)
  • One Permutation Hashing (2012)
  • Hashing Algorithms for Large-Scale Learning (2011)
  • b-Bit Minwise Hashing for Estimating Three-Way Similarities (2010)
  • One sketch for all: Theory and Application of Conditional Random Sampling (2008)
  • A Unified Near-Optimal Estimator For Dimension Reduction in $l_\alpha$ ($0<\alpha\leq 2$) Using Stable Random Projections (2007)
  • McRank: Learning to Rank Using Multiple Classification and Gradient Boosting (2007)
  • Conditional Random Sampling: A Sketch-based Sampling Technique for Sparse Data (2006)