NIPS Proceedingsβ

Nicolas Vayatis

9 Papers

  • Anytime Influence Bounds and the Explosive Behavior of Continuous-Time Diffusion Networks (2015)
  • Tight Bounds for Influence in Diffusion Networks and Application to Bond Percolation and Epidemiology (2014)
  • Link Prediction in Graphs with Autoregressive Features (2012)
  • Link Discovery using Graph Feature Tracking (2010)
  • AUC optimization and the two-sample problem (2009)
  • Empirical performance maximization for linear rank statistics (2008)
  • On Bootstrapping the ROC Curve (2008)
  • Overlaying classifiers: a practical approach for optimal ranking (2008)
  • Generalization Error Bounds for Aggregation by Mirror Descent with Averaging (2005)