NIPS Proceedingsβ

Nelson Morgan

8 Papers

  • REMAP: Recursive Estimation and Maximization of A Posteriori Probabilities - Application to Transition-Based Connectionist Speech Recognition (1995)
  • SPERT-II: A Vector Microprocessor System and its Application to Large Problems in Backpropagation Training (1995)
  • Context-Dependent Multiple Distribution Phonetic Modeling with MLPs (1992)
  • Modeling Consistency in a Speaker Independent Continuous Speech Recognition System (1992)
  • Connectionist Optimisation of Tied Mixture Hidden Markov Models (1991)
  • Software for ANN training on a Ring Array Processor (1991)
  • Connectionist Approaches to the Use of Markov Models for Speech Recognition (1990)
  • A Continuous Speech Recognition System Embedding MLP into HMM (1989)