NIPS Proceedingsβ

Nathan Kallus

9 Papers

  • Assessing Disparate Impact of Personalized Interventions: Identifiability and Bounds (2019)
  • Deep Generalized Method of Moments for Instrumental Variable Analysis (2019)
  • Intrinsically Efficient, Stable, and Bounded Off-Policy Evaluation for Reinforcement Learning (2019)
  • Policy Evaluation with Latent Confounders via Optimal Balance (2019)
  • The Fairness of Risk Scores Beyond Classification: Bipartite Ranking and the XAUC Metric (2019)
  • Balanced Policy Evaluation and Learning (2018)
  • Causal Inference with Noisy and Missing Covariates via Matrix Factorization (2018)
  • Confounding-Robust Policy Improvement (2018)
  • Removing Hidden Confounding by Experimental Grounding (2018)