NIPS Proceedingsβ

Michael S. Lewicki

12 Papers

  • A Theory of Retinal Population Coding (2006)
  • A Theoretical Analysis of Robust Coding over Noisy Overcomplete Channels (2005)
  • Is Early Vision Optimized for Extracting Higher-order Dependencies? (2005)
  • Learning Efficient Auditory Codes Using Spikes Predicts Cochlear Filters (2004)
  • Sparse Coding of Natural Images Using an Overcomplete Set of Limited Capacity Units (2004)
  • A Model for Learning Variance Components of Natural Images (2002)
  • Learning Sparse Image Codes using a Wavelet Pyramid Architecture (2000)
  • Coding Time-Varying Signals Using Sparse, Shift-Invariant Representations (1998)
  • Unsupervised Classification with Non-Gaussian Mixture Models Using ICA (1998)
  • Learning Nonlinear Overcomplete Representations for Efficient Coding (1997)
  • Bayesian Unsupervised Learning of Higher Order Structure (1996)
  • Bayesian Modeling and Classification of Neural Signals (1993)