NIPS Proceedingsβ

Michael J. Black

14 Papers

  • A Geometric take on Metric Learning (2012)
  • From Deformations to Parts: Motion-based Segmentation of 3D Objects (2012)
  • Layered image motion with explicit occlusions, temporal consistency, and depth ordering (2010)
  • Synergies in learning words and their referents (2010)
  • An Additive Latent Feature Model for Transparent Object Recognition (2009)
  • Explaining human multiple object tracking as resource-constrained approximate inference in a dynamic probabilistic model (2009)
  • Training Factor Graphs with Reinforcement Learning for Efficient MAP Inference (2009)
  • A Bayesian Framework for Cross-Situational Word-Learning (2007)
  • Combined discriminative and generative articulated pose and non-rigid shape estimation (2007)
  • Nonlinear physically-based models for decoding motor-cortical population activity (2006)
  • Modeling Neural Population Spiking Activity with Gibbs Distributions (2005)
  • Attractive People: Assembling Loose-Limbed Models using Non-parametric Belief Propagation (2003)
  • Probabilistic Inference of Hand Motion from Neural Activity in Motor Cortex (2001)
  • Learning and Tracking Cyclic Human Motion (2000)