NIPS Proceedingsβ

Matthias Seeger

10 Papers

  • Speeding up Magnetic Resonance Image Acquisition by Bayesian Multi-Slice Adaptive Compressed Sensing (2009)
  • Bayesian Experimental Design of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequences (2008)
  • Local Gaussian Process Regression for Real Time Online Model Learning (2008)
  • Bayesian Inference for Spiking Neuron Models with a Sparsity Prior (2007)
  • Cross-Validation Optimization for Large Scale Hierarchical Classification Kernel Methods (2006)
  • Fast Gaussian Process Regression using KD-Trees (2005)
  • Fast Sparse Gaussian Process Methods: The Informative Vector Machine (2002)
  • Covariance Kernels from Bayesian Generative Models (2001)
  • Using the Nyström Method to Speed Up Kernel Machines (2000)
  • Bayesian Model Selection for Support Vector Machines, Gaussian Processes and Other Kernel Classifiers (1999)