NIPS Proceedingsβ

Masato Okada

10 Papers

  • Data-Dependence of Plateau Phenomenon in Learning with Neural Network --- Statistical Mechanical Analysis (2019)
  • The topographic unsupervised learning of natural sounds in the auditory cortex (2012)
  • Effects of Synaptic Weight Diffusion on Learning in Decision Making Networks (2010)
  • Switching state space model for simultaneously estimating state transitions and nonstationary firing rates (2010)
  • A general framework for investigating how far the decoding process in the brain can be simplified (2008)
  • Extracting State Transition Dynamics from Multiple Spike Trains with Correlated Poisson HMM (2008)
  • Unbiased Estimator of Shape Parameter for Spiking Irregularities under Changing Environments (2005)
  • Theory of localized synfire chain: characteristic propagation speed of stable spike pattern (2004)
  • Mechanism of Neural Interference by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Network or Single Neuron? (2003)
  • Rate Distortion Function in the Spin Glass State: A Toy Model (2002)