NIPS Proceedingsβ

Mark Girolami

11 Papers

  • Minimum Stein Discrepancy Estimators (2019)
  • Multi-resolution Multi-task Gaussian Processes (2019)
  • Precision-Recall Balanced Topic Modelling (2019)
  • Probabilistic Models for Integration Error in the Assessment of Functional Cardiac Models (2017)
  • Frank-Wolfe Bayesian Quadrature: Probabilistic Integration with Theoretical Guarantees (2015)
  • Analysis of SVM with Indefinite Kernels (2009)
  • Accelerating Bayesian Inference over Nonlinear Differential Equations with Gaussian Processes (2008)
  • Data Integration for Classification Problems Employing Gaussian Process Priors (2006)
  • Kernel Maximum Entropy Data Transformation and an Enhanced Spectral Clustering Algorithm (2006)
  • Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression via Bayesian L1 Regularisation (2006)
  • Simplicial Mixtures of Markov Chains: Distributed Modelling of Dynamic User Profiles (2003)