NIPS Proceedingsβ

Marco Cuturi

9 Papers

  • Generalizing Point Embeddings using the Wasserstein Space of Elliptical Distributions (2018)
  • Large Scale computation of Means and Clusters for Persistence Diagrams using Optimal Transport (2018)
  • Stochastic Optimization for Large-scale Optimal Transport (2016)
  • Wasserstein Training of Restricted Boltzmann Machines (2016)
  • Principal Geodesic Analysis for Probability Measures under the Optimal Transport Metric (2015)
  • Sinkhorn Distances: Lightspeed Computation of Optimal Transport (2013)
  • White Functionals for Anomaly Detection in Dynamical Systems (2009)
  • Kernels on Structured Objects Through Nested Histograms (2006)
  • Semigroup Kernels on Finite Sets (2004)