NIPS Proceedingsβ

Liwei Wang

9 Papers

  • FRAGE: Frequency-Agnostic Word Representation (2018)
  • Towards Understanding Learning Representations: To What Extent Do Different Neural Networks Learn the Same Representation (2018)
  • Decoding with Value Networks for Neural Machine Translation (2017)
  • Diverse and Accurate Image Description Using a Variational Auto-Encoder with an Additive Gaussian Encoding Space (2017)
  • The Expressive Power of Neural Networks: A View from the Width (2017)
  • Dual Learning for Machine Translation (2016)
  • Efficient Algorithm for Privately Releasing Smooth Queries (2013)
  • Dimensionality Dependent PAC-Bayes Margin Bound (2012)
  • Sufficient Conditions for Agnostic Active Learnable (2009)