NIPS Proceedingsβ

Kwabena A. Boahen

8 Papers

  • Stochastic and Adversarial Online Learning without Hyperparameters (2017)
  • Online Convex Optimization with Unconstrained Domains and Losses (2016)
  • A Brain-Machine Interface Operating with a Real-Time Spiking Neural Network Control Algorithm (2011)
  • An in-silico Neural Model of Dynamic Routing through Neuronal Coherence (2007)
  • Active Bidirectional Coupling in a Cochlear Chip (2005)
  • A Recurrent Model of Orientation Maps with Simple and Complex Cells (2003)
  • Topographic Map Formation by Silicon Growth Cones (2002)
  • A Contrast Sensitive Silicon Retina with Reciprocal Synapses (1991)