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Klaus Obermayer

18 Papers

  • Correlation Coefficients are Insufficient for Analyzing Spike Count Dependencies (2009)
  • Dependence of Orientation Tuning on Recurrent Excitation and Inhibition in a Network Model of V1 (2008)
  • Modeling Short-term Noise Dependence of Spike Counts in Macaque Prefrontal Cortex (2008)
  • A Topographic Support Vector Machine: Classification Using Local Label Configurations (2004)
  • Nonlinear Filtering of Electron Micrographs by Means of Support Vector Regression (2003)
  • Coulomb Classifiers: Generalizing Support Vector Machines via an Analogy to Electrostatic Systems (2002)
  • Feature Selection and Classification on Matrix Data: From Large Margins to Small Covering Numbers (2002)
  • Activity Driven Adaptive Stochastic Resonance (2001)
  • Multi Dimensional ICA to Separate Correlated Sources (2001)
  • Application of Blind Separation of Sources to Optical Recording of Brain Activity (1999)
  • Bayesian Transduction (1999)
  • Recurrent Cortical Competition: Strengthen or Weaken? (1999)
  • Classification on Pairwise Proximity Data (1998)
  • Contrast Adaptation in Simple Cells by Changing the Transmitter Release Probability (1998)
  • The Role of Lateral Cortical Competition in Ocular Dominance Development (1998)
  • An Annealed Self-Organizing Map for Source Channel Coding (1997)
  • Development of Orientation and Ocular Dominance Columns in Infant Macaques (1993)
  • Development and Spatial Structure of Cortical Feature Maps: A Model Study (1990)
  • 1 Book

  • Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 15 (2002)