NIPS Proceedingsβ

Katherine A. Heller

10 Papers

  • Reconciling meta-learning and continual learning with online mixtures of tasks (2019)
  • An inner-loop free solution to inverse problems using deep neural networks (2017)
  • Fast Second Order Stochastic Backpropagation for Variational Inference (2015)
  • Parallelizing MCMC with Random Partition Trees (2015)
  • Complex Inference in Neural Circuits with Probabilistic Population Codes and Topic Models (2012)
  • Modelling Reciprocating Relationships with Hawkes Processes (2012)
  • Testing a Bayesian Measure of Representativeness Using a Large Image Database (2011)
  • Hierarchical Learning of Dimensional Biases in Human Categorization (2009)
  • Bayesian Exponential Family PCA (2008)
  • Bayesian Sets (2005)