NIPS Proceedingsβ

Jonathan W. Pillow

9 Papers

  • Bayesian active learning with localized priors for fast receptive field characterization (2012)
  • Bayesian estimation of discrete entropy with mixtures of stick-breaking priors (2012)
  • Fully Bayesian inference for neural models with negative-binomial spiking (2012)
  • Active learning of neural response functions with Gaussian processes (2011)
  • Bayesian Spike-Triggered Covariance Analysis (2011)
  • Time-rescaling methods for the estimation and assessment of non-Poisson neural encoding models (2009)
  • Characterizing neural dependencies with copula models (2008)
  • Neural characterization in partially observed populations of spiking neurons (2007)
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Stochastic Integrate-and-Fire Neural Model (2003)