NIPS Proceedingsβ

Javier R. Movellan

16 Papers

  • An Alternative to Low-level-Sychrony-Based Methods for Speech Detection (2010)
  • Whose Vote Should Count More: Optimal Integration of Labels from Labelers of Unknown Expertise (2009)
  • Optimization on a Budget: A Reinforcement Learning Approach (2008)
  • Joint Tracking of Pose, Expression, and Texture using Conditionally Gaussian Filters (2004)
  • Morton-Style Factorial Coding of Color in Primary Visual Cortex (2002)
  • A Comparison of Image Processing Techniques for Visual Speech Recognition Applications (2000)
  • Active Inference in Concept Learning (2000)
  • Partially Observable SDE Models for Image Sequence Recognition Tasks (2000)
  • Audio Vision: Using Audio-Visual Synchrony to Locate Sounds (1999)
  • Image Representations for Facial Expression Coding (1999)
  • Information Factorization in Connectionist Models of Perception (1999)
  • Bayesian Robustification for Audio Visual Fusion (1997)
  • Learning Path Distributions Using Nonequilibrium Diffusion Networks (1997)
  • Dynamic Features for Visual Speechreading: A Systematic Comparison (1996)
  • Visual Speech Recognition with Stochastic Networks (1994)
  • A Local Algorithm to Learn Trajectories with Stochastic Neural Networks (1993)