NIPS Proceedingsβ

James M. Bower

11 Papers

  • Cholinergic Modulation May Enhance Cortical Associative Memory Function (1990)
  • A Computer Modeling Approach to Understanding the Inferior Olive and Its Relationships to the Cerebellar Cortex in Rats (1989)
  • Computational Efficiency: A Common Organizing Principle for Parallel Computer Maps and Brain Maps? (1989)
  • Computer Simulation of Oscillatory Behavior in Cerebral Cortical Networks (1989)
  • GENESIS: A System for Simulating Neural Networks (1988)
  • Modeling Small Oscillating Biological Networks in Analog VLSI (1988)
  • Neural Control of Sensory Acquisition: The Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (1988)
  • Simulation and Measurement of the Electric Fields Generated by Weakly Electric Fish (1988)
  • A Computer Simulation of Olfactory Cortex with Functional Implications for Storage and Retrieval of Olfactory Information (1987)
  • Neural Networks for Template Matching: Application to Real-Time Classification of the Action Potentials of Real Neurons (1987)
  • Optimal Neural Spike Classification (1987)