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Hongyuan Zha

13 Papers

  • A Dirichlet Mixture Model of Hawkes Processes for Event Sequence Clustering (2017)
  • Predicting User Activity Level In Point Processes With Mass Transport Equation (2017)
  • Wasserstein Learning of Deep Generative Point Process Models (2017)
  • Multistage Campaigning in Social Networks (2016)
  • COEVOLVE: A Joint Point Process Model for Information Diffusion and Network Co-evolution (2015)
  • Shaping Social Activity by Incentivizing Users (2014)
  • Scalable Influence Estimation in Continuous-Time Diffusion Networks (2013)
  • Dirichlet-Bernoulli Alignment: A Generative Model for Multi-Class Multi-Label Multi-Instance Corpora (2009)
  • Convergence and Rate of Convergence of a Manifold-Based Dimension Reduction Algorithm (2008)
  • A General Boosting Method and its Application to Learning Ranking Functions for Web Search (2007)
  • A Domain Decomposition Method for Fast Manifold Learning (2005)
  • Adaptive Manifold Learning (2004)
  • Spectral Relaxation for K-means Clustering (2001)