NIPS Proceedingsβ

Haim Sompolinsky

9 Papers

  • Optimal Architectures in a Solvable Model of Deep Networks (2016)
  • Inferring Stimulus Selectivity from the Spatial Structure of Neural Network Dynamics (2010)
  • Short-term memory in neuronal networks through dynamical compressed sensing (2010)
  • Correlation Codes in Neuronal Populations (2001)
  • An Information Maximization Approach to Overcomplete and Recurrent Representations (2000)
  • Algorithms for Independent Components Analysis and Higher Order Statistics (1999)
  • Learning a Continuous Hidden Variable Model for Binary Data (1998)
  • The Effect of Correlations on the Fisher Information of Population Codes (1998)
  • Correlation Functions in a Large Stochastic Neural Network (1993)