NIPS Proceedingsβ

Gert Cauwenberghs

14 Papers

  • Gradient Flow Independent Component Analysis in Micropower VLSI (2005)
  • Saliency-Driven Image Acuity Modulation on a Reconfigurable Array of Spiking Silicon Neurons (2004)
  • Sub-Microwatt Analog VLSI Support Vector Machine for Pattern Classification and Sequence Estimation (2004)
  • Forward-Decoding Kernel-Based Phone Recognition (2002)
  • Spike Timing-Dependent Plasticity in the Address Domain (2002)
  • Stochastic Mixed-Signal VLSI Architecture for High-Dimensional Kernel Machines (2001)
  • Incremental and Decremental Support Vector Machine Learning (2000)
  • Analog VLSI Cellular Implementation of the Boundary Contour System (1998)
  • Optimizing Correlation Algorithms for Hardware-Based Transient Classification (1998)
  • Bangs, Clicks, Snaps, Thuds and Whacks: An Architecture for Acoustic Transient Processing (1996)
  • Analog VLSI Processor Implementing the Continuous Wavelet Transform (1995)
  • A Charge-Based CMOS Parallel Analog Vector Quantizer (1994)
  • A Learning Analog Neural Network Chip with Continuous-Time Recurrent Dynamics (1993)
  • A Fast Stochastic Error-Descent Algorithm for Supervised Learning and Optimization (1992)