NIPS Proceedingsβ

Gergely Neu

9 Papers

  • Adaptive Temporal-Difference Learning for Policy Evaluation with Per-State Uncertainty Estimates (2019)
  • Beating SGD Saturation with Tail-Averaging and Minibatching (2019)
  • Boltzmann Exploration Done Right (2017)
  • Explore no more: Improved high-probability regret bounds for non-stochastic bandits (2015)
  • Efficient learning by implicit exploration in bandit problems with side observations (2014)
  • Exploiting easy data in online optimization (2014)
  • Online combinatorial optimization with stochastic decision sets and adversarial losses (2014)
  • Online learning in episodic Markovian decision processes by relative entropy policy search (2013)
  • Online Markov Decision Processes under Bandit Feedback (2010)