NIPS Proceedingsβ

Georgios Piliouras

6 Papers

  • Efficiently avoiding saddle points with zero order methods: No gradients required (2019)
  • Fast and Furious Learning in Zero-Sum Games: Vanishing Regret with Non-Vanishing Step Sizes (2019)
  • First-order methods almost always avoid saddle points: The case of vanishing step-sizes (2019)
  • Multiagent Evaluation under Incomplete Information (2019)
  • Poincaré Recurrence, Cycles and Spurious Equilibria in Gradient-Descent-Ascent for Non-Convex Non-Concave Zero-Sum Games (2019)
  • Multiplicative Weights Update with Constant Step-Size in Congestion Games: Convergence, Limit Cycles and Chaos (2017)