NIPS Proceedingsβ

Eero P. Simoncelli

19 Papers

  • Efficient and direct estimation of a neural subunit model for sensory coding (2012)
  • Hierarchical spike coding of sound (2012)
  • A blind sparse deconvolution method for neural spike identification (2011)
  • Efficient coding of natural images with a population of noisy Linear-Nonlinear neurons (2011)
  • Implicit encoding of prior probabilities in optimal neural populations (2010)
  • Hierarchical Modeling of Local Image Features through $L_p$-Nested Symmetric Distributions (2009)
  • Reducing statistical dependencies in natural signals using radial Gaussianization (2008)
  • A Bayesian Model of Conditioned Perception (2007)
  • Learning to be Bayesian without Supervision (2006)
  • Statistical Modeling of Images with Fields of Gaussian Scale Mixtures (2006)
  • Sensory Adaptation within a Bayesian Framework for Perception (2005)
  • Constraining a Bayesian Model of Human Visual Speed Perception (2004)
  • Machine Learning Applied to Perception: Decision Images for Gender Classification (2004)
  • Local Phase Coherence and the Perception of Blur (2003)
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Stochastic Integrate-and-Fire Neural Model (2003)
  • Characterizing Neural Gain Control using Spike-triggered Covariance (2001)
  • Natural Sound Statistics and Divisive Normalization in the Auditory System (2000)
  • Scale Mixtures of Gaussians and the Statistics of Natural Images (1999)
  • Modeling Surround Suppression in V1 Neurons with a Statistically Derived Normalization Model (1998)