NIPS Proceedingsβ

David G. Stork

8 Papers

  • A Rapid Graph-based Method for Arbitrary Transformation-Invariant Pattern Classification (1994)
  • Digital Boltzmann VLSI for constraint satisfaction and learning (1993)
  • Lipreading by neural networks: Visual preprocessing, learning, and sensory integration (1993)
  • Optimal Brain Surgeon: Extensions and performance comparisons (1993)
  • Second order derivatives for network pruning: Optimal Brain Surgeon (1992)
  • Network generalization for production: Learning and producing styled letterforms (1991)
  • Retinogeniculate Development: The Role of Competition and Correlated Retinal Activity (1991)
  • Evolution and Learning in Neural Networks: The Number and Distribution of Learning Trials Affect the Rate of Evolution (1990)