NIPS Proceedingsβ

Christopher G. Atkeson

11 Papers

  • Minimax Differential Dynamic Programming: An Application to Robust Biped Walking (2002)
  • Nonparametric Representation of Policies and Value Functions: A Trajectory-Based Approach (2002)
  • Local Dimensionality Reduction (1997)
  • Nonparametric Model-Based Reinforcement Learning (1997)
  • From Isolation to Cooperation: An Alternative View of a System of Experts (1995)
  • Assessing the Quality of Learned Local Models (1993)
  • Using Local Trajectory Optimizers to Speed Up Global Optimization in Dynamic Programming (1993)
  • Memory-Based Reinforcement Learning: Efficient Computation with Prioritized Sweeping (1992)
  • Some Approximation Properties of Projection Pursuit Learning Networks (1991)
  • Generalization Properties of Radial Basis Functions (1990)
  • Using Local Models to Control Movement (1989)