NIPS Proceedingsβ

Chiranjib Bhattacharyya

10 Papers

  • Spectral Norm Regularization of Orthonormal Representations for Graph Transduction (2015)
  • Weighted Theta Functions and Embeddings with Applications to Max-Cut, Clustering and Summarization (2015)
  • A provable SVD-based algorithm for learning topics in dominant admixture corpus (2014)
  • Learning on graphs using Orthonormal Representation is Statistically Consistent (2014)
  • The Lovász ϑ function, SVMs and finding large dense subgraphs (2012)
  • Efficient algorithms for learning kernels from multiple similarity matrices with general convex loss functions (2010)
  • On the Algorithmics and Applications of a Mixed-norm based Kernel Learning Formulation (2009)
  • A Second Order Cone programming Formulation for Classifying Missing Data (2004)
  • Minimax Probability Machine (2001)
  • A Variational Mean-Field Theory for Sigmoidal Belief Networks (2000)